[visionlist] postdoctoral fellowship in vision/neuroengineering

Roe, Anna Wang anna.roe at Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Apr 4 14:14:47 GMT 2012

Post-doctoral Fellowship in Vision and Neuroengineering. 
I am seeking a postdoctoral fellow immediately to take part in a collaborative neuroscience and neuroengineering project in nonhuman primates to examine visual shape perception and attention. This project implements a novel conceptual and technological approach to studying and modulating neural circuits underlying visual attention and cognition. We have developed a high spatial resolution (<500 um) method of mapping and modulating brain circuits in macaque monkeys using focal stimulation methods (electrical stimulation, pulsed infrared laser stimulation, and optogenetic stimulation). Mapping will be conducted with optical imaging and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).  Applying this approach to study circuits underlying sensory perception and attention in the awake, behaving macaque monkey is aimed at developing novel therapeutic approaches to treating neurological and neuropsychiatric disease. One component of this project is to implement a head-mounted optical neural interface. I am seeking a highly interactive candidate capable of interfacing with multiple groups at Vanderbilt, including neuroscientists, engineers, and neurosurgeons. Experience with nonhuman primates, neurophysiology, neuroimaging, neuroengineering and/or computation, is considered a plus.
Candidates should send a cover letter, CV, 3 letters of reference, and PDFs of representative publications, to Dr. Anna Roe (anna.roe at vanderbilt.edu). Review of applications has begun. Lab website: http://www.psy.vanderbilt.edu/faculty/roeaw/index.html 

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