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Dear contributors and/or members of the scientific and organizing committee,

Please find below an announcing e-mail for our conference "iEEG & emotions"
to be held in Geneva next September. We would really appreciate it if you
could forward it to those in your network who may find it interesting.

Thanks in advance for your help,
 Best regards,
Julie Péron & Didier Grandjean


Dear colleagues,

A conference entitled *"What does human intra-cerebral recording tell us
about emotions”* will be held in Geneva on September 19-21, 2012.

The general purpose of the event is to discuss how intracranial
electro-encephalography (iEEG) can help neuroscientists, psychologists, and
neurologists to understand the neural basis of emotional processing in
humans. We seek to provide an overview of the iEEG studies that have
explored intra-cerebral electrophysiological activity during emotional
processing, in order to underline the value of this method for
understanding the neural circuits and timing of emotions in humans but also
to discuss challenges, limitations, and possible future developments. The
proposed workshop is divided into several sections focusing on human
intracerebral recordings in the context of auditory/speech and facial
emotion processing, decision making, subjective feeling emergence, and
clinical applications. Animal recordings and signal processing will be also


*Speakers already confirmed:*

•AXMACHER Nicolai (Germany)

•BAUNEZ Christelle (France)

•BENEDETTI Fabrizio (Italy)

•FADIGA Luciano (Italy)

•GIRAUD Anne-Lise (Switzerland)

•GRANDJEAN Didier (Switzerland)

•KUHN Andrea (Germany)

•LACHAUX Jean-Philippe (France)

•MALLET Luc (France)

•MICHEL Christoph (Switzerland)

•POURTOIS Gilles (Belgium)

•REKTOR Ivan (Czeck Republic)

•SATO Wataru (Japan)

•SAULEAU Paul (France)

•SCHNITZLER Alfons (Germany)

•SEECK Margitta (Switzerland)

•TSUCHIYA Nao (Australia)

•VÉRIN Marc (France)

•WENDLING Fabrice (France)

•YELNIK Jérome (France)


For more information and inscription please see


With our best regards,

Prof. Didier Grandjean (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Prof. Patrik Vuilleumier (University of Geneva & University Hospital of
Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr. Julie Péron (University of Geneva, Switzerland)

Dr. Arnaud Saj (University of Geneva, & University Hospital of Geneva,

*Please accept our apologies for multiple postings*

Nao (Naotsugu) Tsuchiya, Ph.D.

1. Associate Professor
Laboratory for the neuronal basis of consciousness
School of Psychology and Psychiatry
Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
Monash University

2. PRESTO (Sakigake) fellow, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST),
3. Visiting scholar in Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence, RIKEN, Japan
4. Visitor, Division of Biology, Caltech, USA

homepage: www.emotion.caltech.edu/~naotsu<http://www.emotion.caltech.edu/%7Enaotsu>

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