[visionlist] OLED (organic light-emitting diode) monitors

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Thu May 3 15:57:23 GMT 2012

Dear Pei,

We are currently assessing the Sony Trimaster EL PVM2551MD OLED monitor for
vision science applications. I can give you a few preliminary results already.

As you probably know, LCD monitors may have severe issues with respect to their
temporal behavior, i.e. when you present dynamic stimuli on them, because this
requires a reorientation of the liquid crystal molecules, and this process takes
time (the so-called "response time").

OLEDs, however, are driven by diodes and don't have any "response time" issues.
The device that we measure can switch from black to any other luminance in
fractions of a millisecond. Moreover, the signal is set to black within each
single frame, which kind of "mimics" the CRT signal. Indeed, our monitor is free
of motion blur, like a CRT, and has great temporal characteristics. This is
really promising for vision science considering all the troubles with LCDs.
However, the refresh rate of the monitor is 60 Hz, and the CRT like signal
causes visible peripheral flicker. This should not be a problem for visual
experiments though.

Unfortunately, we also observed a considerable drawback of the monitor: Some of
the color primaries were not able to display the full luminance range of 8 bit.
This may not only impair experiments relying on color but also applications that
require precise contrast or even techniques like bit-stealing.

We don't know yet if this behavior is specific to our monitor or if these
artifacts occur in other OLEDs as well. We are currently waiting for two other
OLED monitors which we would like to assess as well.

We will present posters about OLED monitors this year on two conferences, namely
APCV in Incheon (Korea) and ECVP in Alghero (Italy). If you'll attend any of
these conferences as well, we would be happy to discuss with you further about
the topic.

Best regards,


Tobias Elze, PhD
Schepens Eye Research Institute
Harvard Medical School
20 Staniford Street
Boston, MA 02114

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