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Fri May 4 09:08:43 GMT 2012

The Department of Cognitive Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the VU University Amsterdam is
currently looking for three PhD students. The department is led by Prof. Jan Theeuwes and has a strong
research record in the field of visual attention, memory, and eye movements, using state-of-the-art psychophysical, eyetracking,
fMRI and EEG equipment.

Project 1: PhD Visual priming and reward
It is well known that a salient object may capture attention independent of the goals of the observer. This research has
focused mainly on the properties of the stimuli in the environment (their salience) that have the ability to capture our attention.
Recent studies have shown that salience may not be as hardwired as previously thought. These studies suggest that prior
history (priming) and reward may change the salience of an object in its environment. The aim of the present project is to
determine the effects of reward priming on attentional selection. Various brain-imaging techniques will be used like eventrelated
fMRI and event-related potentials (ERP). In addition to the requirements outlined below some experience with brainimaging
techniques is preferred. The project will be supervised by Prof. dr. Jan Theeuwes.

Project 2: PhD Attentional selection and working memory
According to most theories of cognition, working memory and attention operate interactively. However, it is not clear whether
the activity during the active maintenance of information is better understood as a correlate of memory, or as a correlate of
attention. The aim of the present project is to determine the role of selective attention during working memory. In addition to
the requirements outlined below some experience with brain-imaging techniques is preferred. The project will be supervised
by Dr Chris Olivers and Prof. dr. Jan Theeuwes

Project 3: PhD Eye movement control and scene representations
When inspecting a visual scene people typically make multiple eye movements. The manner in which these eye movements
are controlled changes when people gather more information from the scene. That is, eye movements are guided by a
representation that changes when the scene inspection time increases. The aim of the present project is to investigate how
this representation changes in time. How is eye movement control modulated over a sequence of eye movements, what does
this tell us about the scene representation being built up, and what is the role of memory in selective control? The project will
be supervised by Dr Martijn Meeter en Dr Mieke Donk.

The candidate has (or will have in the near future) an MSc degree in cognitive psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience, or
a comparable area. The candidate has a strong interest in experimental research in the area of visual perception, memory,
and attention, good research skills, and excellent ability to write and read English. Experience with programming or scripting
languages (for example C++, Visual Basic, E-Prime, MatLab) is preferred.

The positions are initially for one year. Extension of the contract after the first year to a total of four years is subject to
satisfactory performance and evaluation of the initial appointment. The position will be leading up to a PhD dissertation.The
salary will be in accordance with university regulations for academic personnel, and amounts €2.042,- gross per month in the
first year up to €2.612,- Gross per month in the fourth year (salary scale 85) based on a full-time employment. You will be
based in Amsterdam.
Information about our excellent additional employment benefits can be found at www.workingatvu.nl<http://www.workingatvu.nl/>

Further information on the above projects can be obtained from Jan Theeuwes J.Theeuwes at psy.vu.nl<mailto:J.Theeuwes at psy.vu.nl> (project 1) Chris
Olivers C.N.L.Olivers at psy.vu.nl<mailto:C.N.L.Olivers at psy.vu.nl>
(project 2) and Mieke Donk W.Donk at psy.vu.nl<mailto:W.Donk at psy.vu.nl> (project 3) Additional information on the department and its members can be
found on www.cogpsy.nl<http://www.cogpsy.nl/>.

Written application accompanied by a CV should be sent to: Mw Barbara Goudriaan, Department of Cognitive Psychology,
Faculty of Psychology and Education, VU University Amsterdam, Van der Boechorststraat 1, 1081 BT Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, or per e-mail to b.goudriaan at psy.vu.nl<mailto:b.goudriaan at psy.vu.nl>. Indicate which of the projects has your preference.The deadline is
May 25, 2012. Please mention the vacancy number(s). Note, the application procedure may involve more than one round and
is likely to involve a presentation.

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