[visionlist] Co57 Systems, Available "Development Engineer" Position.

Adrianna Crowell acrowell at co57.com
Thu May 10 19:47:22 GMT 2012

*Co57 Systems* is looking for an experienced, top-notch programmer
interested in working full-time. We look for talented individuals in
Computer Science, Computational Neuroscience, Math or Physics that are
eager to be a part of a creative team in Machine Vision, Artificial
Intelligence. Co57 is a r*esearch and development group working on a
real-time robot vision system for detection of objects, actions, and
events. *

*Development Engineer Qualifications: *

*B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science

*Passion for building fast, real-time systems

*Superlative coding skills in C++ and Python.

*Total familiarity with Linux, and development on Linux platforms (e.g.
g++, gdb, emacs/vi)

*Good interpersonal skills and ability to work well as part of a team.

*U.S. employment eligibility

 *How to Apply: *

Please send your resume and cover-letter to: jobs at co57.com with the subject
line: "Development Engineer."

Cover-Letters:Write in brevity your experiences and/or school work that is
applicable to this position. Highlight your skills and/or projects that
pertain to the position.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a creative, fun, and
energetic team that will do ground-breaking work in building visual
intelligence! Don't miss out on this opportunity in machine vision. Co57
Systems is located in Cambridge, MA.
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