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Marios Philiastides marios.philiastides at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 13:48:49 GMT 2012

Research Fellow (Fixed-term)
Reference: SCI1168
Closing Date: Friday, 10th August 2012
Job Type: Research & Teaching
Department: School of Psychology
Salary: £27578 to £32901 per annum, depending on skills and experience
This post will be available from 1st October 2012 or as soon as
possible thereafter for three years. Interviews are expected to take
place in late August 2012.

Applications are invited for the above post to work on a project
funded by the BBSRC entitled “Spatiotemporal characterization of value
judgments and reward processing in the human brain”. The post will be
based at the School of Psychology, which benefits from on-site access
to an excellent research infrastructure, which includes several MRI
scanners (including a 7T high field scanner), EEG, MEG, TMS,
behavioural and eye-tracking labs. In addition the School interacts
closely with other departments including Physics, Biological Sciences,
Computer Science and Mathematics, the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic
Resonance Centre, the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute and
the Centre for Decision Research and Experimental Economics.

The project aims to infer the spatiotemporal dynamics of the cortical
networks involved in value and preference-based judgments as well as
reward prediction error processing during reinforcement guided
decision making using state of the art neuroimaging. The post-holder
will be responsible for contributing to the conception and
implementation of the necessary experimental paradigms, recruiting and
training participants, setting up and troubleshooting the data
collection equipment, acquiring and analysing simultaneous EEG and
fMRI data. Data analysis requires making use of algorithms already
developed in our lab using Matlab (and where necessary extending these
algorithms) to pre-process and denoise the EEG signals from MR-related
artefacts, to extract meaningful single-trial electrophysiological
signatures from the EEG, and to use these signatures to drive the
analysis of the fMRI data using either fSL or SPM software. The
ultimate goal of the project would be to exploit trial-to-trial
variability in electrophysiologically-derived measures that can be
used in conjunction with simultaneously acquired fMRI to tease apart
the cascade of constituent cortical processes involved in value- and
reward-based decision making in humans.

Candidates must have a PhD (or equivalent) in neuroscience,
psychology, cognitive science or in a related discipline. Candidates
must have previous practical experience and working knowledge of human
neuroimaging (including both EEG and fMRI) as evident by a strong
track record of publications in international journals. The post
holder must also have working knowledge of multivariate data analysis
techniques, excellent programming skills in Matlab and previous
experience in using either fSL or SPM analysis software. Previous
experience in neurocognition of decision making, simultaneous EEG/fMRI
experiments, machine learning and computational neural modeling is

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr. Marios Philiastides at
marios.philiastides at nottingham.ac.uk.  Please note that applications
sent directly to this email address will not be accepted. For more
details on our research interests visithttp://mphiliastides.org.

Apply here:

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