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Wed Jul 11 18:44:59 GMT 2012

Dear Colleagues,

The Perceptual Systems Program at The University of Texas at Austin is
encouraging applications for interdisciplinary graduate study in vision
sciences, with emphasis on naturalistic tasks and stimuli.  The Perceptual
Systems program, housed in the Center for Perceptual Systems, the
Department of Psychology, and the Institute for Neuroscience, is a vibrant,
growing, and highly-collaborative collection of research laboratories
boasting world-class facilities for conducting vision research. These
facilities include fMRI imaging, eye tracking, head and body tracking, face
and facial expression tracking, virtual reality, the collection of 3D
time-varying natural scene statistics, computationally-intensive modeling
and computer graphics, psychophysics, 2 photon microscopy, optical imaging,
and electrophysiology. Funding opportunities are available through an NIH
training grant, Research Assistantships, Fellowships, and Teaching
Assistantships.  Faculty actively engaging in interdisciplinary research in
the program include:

Dana Ballard
Larry Cormack
Ila Fiete
Bill Geisler
Mary Hayhoe
Alex Huk
Risto Miikkulainen
Jonathan Pillow
Nicholas Priebe
Eyal Seidemann
Max Snodderley

More information on our research can be found at *www.cps.utexas.edu*, and
we encourage you to contact investigators directly if you are interested in
their research.

You can apply to the Ph.D. program in either Neuroscience

*http://neuroscience.utexas.edu/program/, *512-471-3640,
neuroscience at mail.clm.utexas.edu

or Psychology

*http://www.psy.utexas.edu/psy/GradProgram/gradhome.html, *512-471-6398,
gradoffice at psy.utexas.edu

depending on which is better suited to your needs and interests.

Lawrence K. Cormack, Ph.D.
Psychology, Neuroscience, and
Center for Perceptual Systems
The University of Texas
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