[visionlist] Post-doctoral Position in Visual Neuroscience - Center for Perceptual Systems, University of Texas at Austin

Ian Nauhaus inauhaus at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 22:27:16 EST 2017

The Seidemann, Geisler, and Nauhaus labs at UT Austin are seeking
applications for a postdoctoral fellowship funded by an NIH-BRAIN-U01

Our labs are working together to investigate how neural circuits in the
primate early visual cortex mediate visual perception. Current research
focuses on developing and using novel optical-genetic techniques for
monitoring and manipulating neural population responses in behaving
macaques in order to understand encoding and decoding of visual information
by neural populations. The research combines neurophysiology, behavioral
studies in monkeys and humans, and computational modeling.

To be considered, the candidate must have recorded neural activity (either
imaging or electrophysiology) and analyzed it with computational rigor. The
preferred candidate will provide evidence of having refined or developed an
experimental technique to address their scientific questions.

The Center for Perceptual Systems (www.cps.utexas.edu) at UT Austin offers
excellent facilities, an outstanding interdisciplinary scientific
environment, a strong vision community and a very collegial atmosphere.
Austin is an affordable city and is widely considered one of the most
beautiful and livable cities in the US.

Please send CV, statement of research interests and the names of three
references to Eyal Seidemann (eyal at austin.utexas.edu), Bill Geisler (
w.geisler at utexas.edu) and/or Ian Nauhaus (nauhaus at austin.utexas.edu).
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