[visionlist] Beall's List gone dark

Hans Strasburger strasburger at uni-muenchen.de
Thu Jan 26 05:02:46 EST 2017

Dear fellow CVNetters and Visionlisters,

Some of you may have already noticed but I only just found out: Beall's 
List of potential predatory publishers and journals has disappeared. 
It's just gone. We can imagine why this has happened but in any case I 
find it highly disturbing. Beall's List may not have been perfect but it 
has been tremendously helpful to me over the years, to sort out all 
those treacherous invitations I got, and still get, on a regular basis.


Note, though, that a snapshot of both the publishers list and journals 
list are still mirrored on the web (details in that link), so it is 
still time to download them (ASAP).

All the best,


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