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Hi Phillip,

What you can accept in terms of LCDs really depends on your requirements.
If you just want a reliable 120 Hz update, then there are plenty of
gaming-level LCD monitors that won't drop frames. That's the easy part of
monitor characterisation though.

Apart from the Display++ and ViewPixx (which are both excellent, and no I
don't have an interest in either company) we haven't found any non-CRTs
that meet our relatively simple requirements of:
- Uniform luminance and contrast across the entire monitor surface, from a
wide range of viewing angles
- Rapid onset and offset, such that you get good luminance and contrast
control for single frame stimuli.

If you're just interested in reliable 120 Hz to present long-duration,
non-moving stimuli, you have plenty of options. If you want static stimuli
that are presented for 3+ frames, then you're also reasonably safe. If you
want moving stimuli, as long as you don't care about contrast too much,
then I think you're also safe. If you care about contrast, then make sure
your stimuli are small and always presented in a small part of the monitor
so you don't get viewing angle artefacts. At this stage, I don't care about
colourful things, so you're on your own there!

Basically, whatever monitor you get, you'll still need to characterise its
timing and luminance outputs (at a minimum). For my money, it's worth the
investment in a Display++ or a ViewPixx.


On 1 March 2017 at 09:55, Phillip Guan <philguan at berkeley.edu> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm wondering if there are alternatives to CRTs and the ViewPixx3D
> ($12,000 each) displays that can be used when fast response times are
> required for temporally varying stimuli. From this paper
> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4369646/ it seems that
> certain gaming monitors may be approaching the required quality level, are
> there any specific high framerate gaming panels that have come out in the
> last two years that approach parity with CRTs?
> Thanks,
> Phillip Guan
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