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_Please, note the publication of the following CVIU special issue:_

*Image and Video Understanding in Big Data **
***Volume 156, Pages 1-186, March 2017
*Edited by:
*Vittorio Murino, Shaogang Gong, Chen Change Loy and Loris Bazzani

More info, the Editorial (link 
and the list of papers are provided in the following.


  Computer Vision and Image Understanding
  Special Issue on Image and Video Understanding in Big Data

      About This Special Issue

The big data era has brought with it new challenges to computer vision 
and image understanding. More scalable and robust methods are required 
to efficiently index, retrieve, organize and interact with big visual 
data. One can only think to the amount of image/video data downloaded 
every minute in social media or to the number of surveillance cameras 
installed in our cities nowadays. Both cases are not manageable without 
automatic or semi-automatic (e.g., human-in-the-loop) approaches capable 
of distill useful information from a large quantity of raw data. This 
special issue covers a wide range of topics, with a common denominator 
devoted to the analysis for understanding of images and videos. Some of 
these papers are extended versions of the best works presented at the 
International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing ICIAP 2015 
<http://www.iciap2015.eu/>, held in Genova in September 2015.


The issue is available electronically on Science Direct at the following 
link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/10773142/156

      Table of Contents

 1. *Image and Video Understanding in Big Data *
    Vittorio Murino, Shaogang Gong, Chen Change Loy, Loris Bazzani

 2. *MEG: Texture Operators for Multi-Expert Gender Classification *
    Modesto Castrillón Santana, Maria De Marsico, Michele Nappi, Daniel

 3. *Boosting Hankel Matrices for Face Emotion Recognition and Pain
    Detection *
    Liliana Lo Presti, Marco La Cascia

 4. *Social Profiling through Image Understanding: Personality Inference
    using Convolutional Neural Networks *
    Cristina Segalin, Dong Seon Cheng, Marco Cristani

 5. *Structured Learning of Metric Ensembles with Application to Person
    Re-Identification *
    Sakrapee Paisitkriangkrai, Lin Wu, Chunhua Shen, Anton van den Hengel

 6. *Continuous Adaptation of Multi-Camera Person Identification Models
    through Sparse Non-redundant Representative Selection *
    Abir Das, Rameswar Panda, Amit K Roy-Chowdhury

 7. *A Bag-of-Words Equivalent Recurrent Neural Network for Action
    Recognition *
    Alexander Richard, Juergen Gall

 8. *Improved Scene Identification and Object Detection on Egocentric
    Vision of Daily Activities *
    Gonzalo Vaca-Castano, Samarjit Das, Joao P Sousa, Niels D. Lobo,
    Mubarak Shah

 9. *Fast Action Retrieval from Videos via Feature Disaggregation *
    Jie Qin, Li Liu, Mengyang Yu, Yunhong Wang, Ling Shao

10. *Detecting Anomalous Events in Videos by Learning Deep
    Representations of Appearance and Motion *
    Dan Xu, Yan Yan, Elisa Ricci, Nicu Sebe

11. *Deep Active Object Recognition by Joint Label and Action Prediction *
    Mohsen Malmir, Karan Sikka, Deborah Forster, Ian Fasel, Javier R
    Movellan, Garrison W Cottrell

12. *Weak Supervision for Detecting Object Classes from Activities *
    Abhilash Srikantha, Juergen Gall

13. *Efficient Large-Scale Multi-Class Image Classification By Learning
    Balanced Trees *
    Tien-Dung Mai, Thanh Duc Ngo, Duy-Dinh Le, Duc Anh Duong, Kiem
    Hoang, Shin'ichi Satoh

14. *Online Supervised Hashing *
    Fatih Cakir, Sarah A Bargal, Stan Sclaroff

15. *Scalable Greedy Algorithms for Transfer Learning *
    Ilja Kuzborskij, Francesco Orabona, Barbara Caputo

      Guest Editors

Vittorio Murino <http://profs.sci.univr.it/%7Eswan/>, Istituto Italiano 
di Tecnologia, Genova/University of Verona, Verona, Italy
Shaogang Gong <http://www.eecs.qmul.ac.uk/%7Esgg/>, Queen Mary 
University of London, UK
Chen Change Loy <http://personal.ie.cuhk.edu.hk/%7Eccloy/>, The Chinese 
University of Hong Kong, China
Loris Bazzani <http://www.lorisbazzani.info/>


Vittorio Murino

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