[visionlist] Challenge on image super-resolution at NTIRE workshop @ CVPR 2017 (+2 weeks extension)

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Call For Participation:

NTIRE: New Trends in Image Restoration and Enhancement
Challenge on Example-based Single-Image Super-Resolution

via CodaLab platform.

NTIRE organizes two parallel challenge tracks on Example-based Single-Image

=Track 1: `bicubic' downscaling (Matlab imresize)  - a commonly employed
setup in the literature.
The `bicubic' setup allows for easy deployment of the recent published super
-resolution methods.

=Track 2: `unknown' downgrading operators - but with available train data
of low and high res corresponding images. The `unknown' setup constrains
the participants to work with the provided train data and to develop robust
solutions to learn from a limited set of examples.

The challenge aims to gauge the state-of-the-art, to compare and to promote
different solutions with the new DIV2K dataset.

=DIV2K - a newly collected dataset of DIVerse 2K resolution images
(2048x[unspecified] pixel images) will be released with the NTIRE challenge.
DIV2K dataset is divided into 80%/10%/10% for train/validation/test, resp.
For each track the low res images are generated and provided to the
registered participants for x2, x3, and x4 downscaling factors.

Details about NTIRE challenge and links to its 6 competitions (2 tracks X 3
downscaling factors) can be found below:

   - Track 1: bicubic downscaling x2 competition
   - Track 1: bicubic downscaling x3 competition
   - Track 1: bicubic downscaling x4 competition
   - Track 2: unknown downscaling x2 competition
   - Track 2: unknown downscaling x3 competition
   - Track 2: unknown downscaling x4 competition


Important Dates

   - 2017.02.14 Release of train data (low-res and high-res images) and
   validation data (only low-res)
   - 2017.03.01 Validation server online
   - 2017.04.03 Final test data release (only low-res), validation data
   (high-res) release, validation server closed
   - 2017.04.14 Test high-res results submission deadline
   - 2017.04.17 Fact sheets submission deadline
   - 2017.04.17 Code submission deadline
   - 2017.04.24 Final test results release to the participants
   - 2017.05.01 Paper submission deadline for top entries from the challenge
   - 2017.07.21 NTIRE workshop and challenge on example-based single-image
   super-resolution, results and award ceremony (@ CVPR 2017, Honolulu,


The top ranking participants will be invited to submit papers to NTIRE
workshop and to be co-authors of the challenge report paper.

We are looking for sponsors for incentive prizes.

radu.timofte at vision.ee.ethz.ch
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