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2nd Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Recognition COMPETITION

*Cross-Eyed 2017*

Organized as part of IJCB 2017



We invite researchers working in the field of cross-spectral iris and
periocular recognition to participate in the second edition of the
CROSS-EYED competition:

"Cross-Eyed 2017 – 2nd Cross-Spectrum Iris/Periocular Recognition
COMPETITION" <https://sites.google.com/site/crossspectrumcompetition/>.

The second edition of the *CROSS-EYED competition *is embraced by *IJCB
2017*  <http://www.ijcb2017.org/>- International Joint Conference on
Biometrics, to be held in Denver, Colorado October 1st  – 4th, 2017*.
competition* aims to benchmark cross-spectral iris/periocular recognition
algorithms. The benchmark dataset*, CROSS-EYED, *comprises images captured
with a custom made dual spectrum imaging sensor, which acquires near
infrared and colour images synchronously.

You can submit to any of the two intermediate submissions or to the final
submission only.


The competition website with further information can be found at


*Registration*  - open

*Training dataset* – to be released soon to registered users

*First intermediate submission deadline* – 30th January 2017

*Second intermediate submission deadline* – 13th March 2017

*Final submission deadline – 10th April 2017*

** *Organizers ***

*James Ferryman*

*Lulu Chen*

*Ana F. Sequeira *
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