[visionlist] Low cost photometer/colorimeter

Farid Kandil f.kandil at uke.de
Sat Mar 25 03:39:46 -05 2017

Dear All,

Mark Georgeson asked about the code for Matlab.
That indeed would be a great thing to achieve; best from inside 
Psychophysics Toolbox.
(However, I may be not the best candidate for programming it  since I 
use a combination of C programs with OpenGL and Mathematica)

In fact, I use a command-line program (CLP) called Argyll 
(http://www.argyllcms.com/), which I found through the Ubuntu help pages.
It worked with our old Spyder 2, and now works with our Spyder 4 elite, 
but was said to have some trouble with the Spyder 3.
As a CLP, it comes with a 100+ small commands under the hood. Most of 
which dedicated to the colour issues, as one would expect from
a colour meter, and only a few for the luminance stuff directly.

It is available for all three systems: Linux, Mac and Windows.
And since it is a command line program, it can be integrated into and 
accessed from Matlab.
Or at least I am told that with "! CommandLineCommand foo &" you can do so.
(As I said, I am not a Matlab pro).

Hence I would greatly appreciate if someone else does it and make this 
I would be highly interested !!

For those C-afficionados amongst us:
With ...

|#include<stdlib.h>intstatus =system("COMMAND_LINE_COMMAND foo");|

the code would then also be convertible into your (and my) C-Programs.

So, we can start from both sides, Matlab and C !!!


On 23.03.2017 18:55, McCourt, Mark wrote:
> Right, invariant with distance provided that the source or surface in question completely fills the aperture of the photometer.
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>> Comment: since luminance is invariant with distance, it shouldn't
>> matter in principle what distance the meter is at.
> insert "for extended sources"---------------------^
> True enough for full-field displays, but maybe not for single pixels.
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