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Call for Papers

The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Analysis and Modeling of Faces and
Gestures (AMFG)
----Embracing Face and Gesture Analysis in Social Media with Deep Learning

@ICCV 2017, Oct. 28, Venice, Italy

Deep learning, especially the Convolutional Neural Networks have taken the
computer vision community by storm, significantly improving the state of
the art in many applications. Among them, face recognition, which has
accumulated large quantities of training data in the past few decades due
to the availability of online resources as well as dedicated efforts of
many researchers, has been dramatically changed on the strength of the
new/efficient deep learning models, and we still witness this consistent
streams of record breaking improvements in many benchmarks, e.g., Labeled
Faces in the Wild database (LFW), YouTube Faces database, most recently,
CASIA Web-Face, MegaFace, MS-Celeb-1M, and real-world or commercial systems.

Besides the efforts putting forward to the conventional face recognition
research, visual under-standing of social media content has attracted the
interest of industrial and academic research communities from different
domains. Visual understanding of social media includes face and body
tracking (e.g., facial expression analysis, face detection, gesture
recognition), facial and body characteristic analysis (e.g., gait, age,
gender, and ethnicity), human behavior understanding and emotion
recognition from face and gesture, social context understanding (e.g.,
kinship, personality, and beauty) and visual sentiment analysis. Creating
effective models under visual uncertainty has significant scientific and
practical values in applications of human-computer interaction, social
media analytics, video indexing, visual surveillance, and Internet vision.
To that end, researchers have made substantial progress, especially when
off-the-shelf vision products are available, e.g. Kinect, Leap, SHORE, and
Affdex. However, great challenges remain in the social media domain,
especially under unconstrained imaging conditions from diverse sources with
non-cooperative users. Here, we are especially interested in bringing in
the cutting-edge techniques and recent advances in deep learning to solve
the challenges above in social media.

This one-day serial workshop (AMFG2017) will provide a forum for
researchers to review the recent progress of recognition, analysis and
modeling of face, gesture, and body, and embrace the most advanced deep
learning system to address face and gesture analysis particularly under
unconstrained environment such as social media. The workshop will consist
of one to two invited talks; one from industry, together with peer-reviewed
regular papers (oral and poster). Original high-quality contributions are
solicited on the following topics:

1. Deep learning methodology, theory, and its applications to social media

2. Novel deep learning model, deep learning survey, or comparative study
for face/gesture recognition;

3. Deep learning for internet-scale soft biometrics and profiling: age,
gender, ethnicity, personality, kinship, occupation, beauty, and fashion
classification by facial and/or body descriptor;

4. Face, gait, and action recognition in low-quality (blurred for
instance), or low-resolution video from fixed or mobile cameras;

5. Novel mathematical modeling and algorithms, sensors and modalities for
face & body gesture/action representation, analysis and recognition for
cross-domain social media;

6. Deep learning for detection and recognition of face and body in the wild
with large 3D rotation, illumination change, partial occlusion,
unknown/changing background, and aging; especially large 3D rotation robust
face and gesture recognition;

7. Motion analysis, tracking and extraction of face and body models from
image sequences captured by mobile devices;

8. Face, gait, and action recognition in low-quality (blurred for
instance), or low-resolution video from fixed or mobile cameras;

9. Novel mathematical modeling and algorithms, sensors and modalities for
face & body gesture/action representation, analysis, and recognition for
cross-domain social media;

10. Social/Psychological studies that can assist in understanding
computational modeling and building better automated face and gesture
systems for interaction purposes;

11. Novel social applications based on the robust detection, tracking and
recognition of face, body, and action;

12. Face and gesture analysis for sentiment analysis in social media;

13. Other applications of face and gesture analysis in social media content

*Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: July 20, 2017
Notification: August 15, 2017
Camera Ready: August 20, 2017

*Honorary General Chair:
Thomas S. Huang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

*General Co-Chairs
Dimitris N. Metaxas, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, USA
Yun Raymond Fu, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

*Workshop Co-Chairs
Mohammad Soleymani, Swiss Center for Affective Sciences, Switzerland
Ming Shao, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, USA
Zhangyang (Atlas) Wang, Texas A&M University, USA

*Web and Publicity Co-Chairs
Zhengming Ding, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
Sheng Li, Northeastern University, Boston, USA
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