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The elevator (30-50 ft) in our 2000ish building at Vanderbilt produced
large transient spikes in extracellular multielectrode recordings. They
were very infrequent and easily distinguished.

On Aug 8, 2017 4:04 PM, "Jeremy Wilmer" <jeremy.wilmer at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Folks,
> Wellesley College is building a new science building and we want to equip
> it with an EEG/Sleep lab. We have been told to be careful about its
> placement relative to motors (e.g. elevator motors at the top of elevator
> shafts). We have gotten some helpful advice from some smart and experienced
> folks on how far is far enough, but we want to get the best handle on this
> that we possibly can. If anyone has relevant personal experiences to share
> (e.g. "my lab is 30 ft from an elevator motor and it's never been a
> problem"), ideas for how to tackle this (e.g. "here is a website to
> consult" or "here is an experiment to conduct"), thoughts on what sort of
> consultants we might hire to investigate it (electrical engineers? someone
> else?), or any other relevant thoughts/info, I'd love to hear it!
> Many thanks,
> Jeremy
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