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Dear Colleague,

We would like to remind you that abstract submission for the *7th
International Conference on Spatial Cognition: Spatial Cognition in a
Multimedia and Intercultural World (ICSC 2018)*, will close by January 28,
2018. For details on abstract submission, please go to
<http://www.icsc-rome.org/submission/> .

The conference will take place in Rome on Sept. 10-14, 2018. For details,
please see below and the attached pdf.

*2nd Call for Abstract Submissions*

The *7th International Conference on Spatial Cognition (ICSC 2018) *will be
devoted to *Spatial Cognition in a Multimedia and Intercultural World*,
exploring the links between the general topic of the conference and the
challenges introduced by the new media and increasing intercultural

*Conference website: http://www.icsc-rome.org <http://www.icsc-rome.org/>*


*Marisa Carrasco* (New York University): – Title will be announced soon –

*Michael Corballis* (University of Auckland): *Space, Time and Language*

*Pierre Dasen* (University of Geneva): *Cross-cultural research on spatial
concept development *

*Alan Dix* (University of Birmingham): *Space, time and memory: tales from
a long road*

*Christoph Hoelscher* (ETH Zurich): – Title will be announced soon –

*Robert K. Logan* (University of Toronto): *Visual and Acoustic Space in
the Digital Age*

*Asifa Majid* (Radboud University): – Title will be announced soon –

*John K. Tsotsos* (York University): *Attention is More Important for
Visual Cognition and Reasoning Than You Think*


*How do we make sense of space through its artistic representation? Space
and embodiment in visual art *
(*Convenors*: Joanna Ganczarek and Nicole Ruta)

*The Roles of Multimodality in Spatializing Reasoning and Learning *
(*Convenors*: Kenneth Forbus, Dedre Gentner, Susan Levine and Anthony Cohn)

*Spatial representations: new perspectives for studying age-related
(*Convenors*: Veronica Muffato, Chiara Meneghetti and Jan Wiener)

*Mental Rotation, Part 1: Developmental Aspects of Mental Rotation *
(*Convenors*: Petra Jansen and Claudia Quaiser)

*Mental Rotation, Part 2: Correlates of Mental Rotation and Methodological
Issues *
(*Convenors*: Claudia Quaiser-Pohl and Petra Jansen)

*Beyond the video: naturalistic approaches to examining social motor
behavior *
(*Convenor*: Arran Reader)

*Individual differences in search and foraging *
(*Convenors*: Alastair Smith and Carlo De Lillo)

*Cross-Cultural, Cross-Modal and Cross-Species’ Spatial Perception and
Action in Virtual andReal Environments*
(*Convenors*: Francine Dolins, Mark Lindquist and Brent Chamberlain)

*The nature of the space around the body: a comparison of real and virtual
environments *
(*Convenors*: Tina Iachini and Gennaro Ruggiero)

*From fieldwork to modelling: Explaining the variability of linguistic
spatial referencing systems *
(*Convenors*: Roberta Rocca, Jonas Nölle and Michael Spranger)

*The body in space *
(*Convenors*: Xaver Fuchs, Jörg Trojan, Christopher Milde, Konstantina
Kilteni, Antonella Maselli and Luigi Tamè)

*New issues in attentional control *
(*Convenors*: Stefano Lasaponara, Maria Casagrande and Fabrizio Doricchi)

*Spatial and non-spatial representation of number magnitudes *
(*Convenors*: Fabrizio Doricchi and Wim Fias)

*Minds. Movement. Moving Image (Part I): On Spatial Cognition and the Built
Environment *
(*Convenor*: Mehul Bhatt)

*Minds. Movement. Moving Image (Part II):* *On Visuo-Auditory Perception
and the Moving Image *
(*Convenor*: Mehul Bhatt)

*Submission Deadlines:*

Abstracts of single contributions to symposia: *January 28, 2018*

Abstracts of talks and posters: *January 28, 2018*

Please follow the instructions given on

*Tutorials and Workshops:*

You are welcome to submit your tutorial or workshop proposal to
*icsc.rome at gmail.com* <icsc.rome at gmail.com> .

*Presidential Board:*

Gabriella Antonucci, Maria Casagrande, Tiziana Catarci, Thomas Hünefeldt,
Antonino Raffone,

Marta Olivetti Belardinelli (Honorary President)
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