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Dear colleague,
It is my pleasure to share the news about this exciting event I am organizing. We have a great preliminary program and set of invited participants/speakers. Please consider participating and help us disseminate this call and information.

The Future VR/AR Network - Towards Virtual Human/Object Teleportation
NSF Workshop on Networked Virtual and Augmented Reality Communications
Washington, DC, April 23-24
Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) have the potential to advance our society. Together with another emerging technology, 360° video, they can suspend our disbelief of being at a remote location, akin to virtual human teleportation. Presently limited to an offline operation and synthetic content, and targeting gaming and entertainment, VR/AR are expected to reach their potential when deployed online and with real remote scene content, enabling novel applications in disaster relief, the environmental sciences, transportation, and quality of life. Networked VR/AR applications will surely play a major role in the envisioned/emerging global Internet of Things framework and are expected to represent the bedrock of the anticipated 5G tactile Internet ecosystem.
There are considerable challenges ahead in the form of technology limitations and infrastructure costs. The objective of the workshop is to gather a forum of experts and interdisciplinary practitioners to help identify the most promising horizons to explore to address these challenges. By setting a rigorous long-term vision platform of science and technology, the workshop will help chart the field technically. In turn, this will help accelerate the introduction and broad adoption of related societal applications.

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