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Scott Murdison Scott.Murdison at Oculus.com
Thu Feb 8 20:13:30 -05 2018

Dear Vision Science community,

The applied perception science team at Oculus Research in Redmond, WA is looking for research interns for the summer/fall of 2018.

The applied perception science team at Oculus Research is looking for exceptional interns to help us create a revolution in virtual and augmented reality. Expertise in vision science, sensorimotor neuroscience, eye movements, low-level and/or spatial vision are especially appreciated, but smart, motivated people with strong coding or hardware backgrounds are more than welcome, and strong math skills are a huge plus. Our team uses knowledge of the human perceptual system and psychophysical testing methods to help inform novel display architectures. As an applied vision scientist, you will be designing and performing these experiments using custom-built perceptual testbeds. We want to build a broad AR/VR research community, so we encourage publishing. Come join us as we make AR and VR happen! Our internships are typically twelve (12), sixteen (16), or twenty-four (24) weeks. We have various start dates throughout the year.

The Oculus Research team in Redmond, WA is specifically looking for students interested in (but not limited to) the following areas:

  *   Kinematics of eye movements
  *   Sensorimotor neuroscience
  *   Low-level vision
  *   Mechanisms of perceptual stability during self-motion
  *   Psychophysical methods


  *   Theoretical and experimental research in perception or cognitive science
  *   Collaboration with and support of other researchers across engineering and scientific disciplines
  *   Communication of research agenda, progress and results
Minimum Qualifications

  *   Pursuing a PhD or Master’s degree in Cognitive Science, Vision Science, Perceptual Psychology, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field
  *   Strong background in experimental methods and/or statistical decision-theoretic models of human behavior
  *   Must be currently enrolled in a full time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship
  *   Excellent interpersonal skills, cross-group, and cross-culture collaboration
  *   High levels of creativity and quick problem solving capabilities
  *   Proven track record of achieving significant results
  *   Ability to obtain work authorization in the United States in 2018

If you are interested in this position, please apply online: https://www.oculus.com/careers/a0I1H00000K6nphUAB/. In addition, you can email me (Scott Murdison scott.murdison at oculus.com<mailto:scott.murdison at oculus.com>) and our internship coordinator Rebecca Hammond (rebecca.harrell at oculus.com)<mailto:rebecca.harrell at oculus.com)> with your CV.

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