[visionlist] National Taiwan University Random-dot Stereopsis (NTU RDS) Tests

Ai-Hou Wang ahwang at ntu.edu.tw
Thu Mar 8 07:50:19 -05 2018

Digital Development Department of Universal Eye Center has implemented 
'National Taiwan University Random-dot Stereopsis (NTU RDS) Tests' into 
cross-platform program that fits Windows, Android or Apple systems.

Programhttp://www.eyedoctor.com.tw/Stereopsis/ includes two parts (1) 
Disparity stereopsis and (2) Motion stereopsis.

lDisparity stereopsis test includes 2 items (1) 300 sec-of-arc and (2) 
35 min-of-arc.

lMotion stereopsis test includes 3 items (1) Disparity+Motion cues, (2) 
Disparity cue only and (3) Motion cue only。

lThere are video illustrations on the web about disparity stereopsis and 
motion stereopsis.

Programhttp://www.eyedoctor.com.tw/Stereopsis_Screening/ is National 
Taiwan University 300 sec-of-arc Random-dot Stereopsis (NTU RDS) 
Screening Test

lNTU RDS is a 4-alternative-forced-choice (4-AFC) test.

lThe chance of correct answer by guessing is 1/4.

lThe visual screening of preschool and school children in Taiwan 
includes (1) distance visual acuity and (2) 300 sec-of-arc random-dot 
stereopsis (NTU RDS).

lWe set 5 consecutive correct answers of NTU RDS test as pass criteria.

lThe chance of 5 consecutive correct answers by guessing is 1/1024, 
(1/4)^5 .

lRandom-dot stereopsis test is effective in detecting symptom-free 
small-angle esotropia and anisometropia.

lWe now implement this test as online app to share with you. Hope it 
helps your clinical and screening works.

For preverbal kids who can not name the shapes we prepare a card with 
all 4 shapes to match what they see in the random-dot stereograms.

Click the link below and print this figure.


Ai-Hou Wang, MD, PhD,
Dept of Ophthal, Natl Taiwan U Hospital
Email: ahwang at ntu.edu.tw
Web: http://ahwang.idv.st

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