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We are looking for a highly motivated research associate (post-doctoral or to be about to obtain a Ph.D) with an interest in human visual perception. The EPSRC-funded project, a collaboration with Cambridge and Apple Inc., will combine methods from psychophysics and vision science with modern machine learning to develop new models of human vision, which will enable intelligent display algorithms, adaptable to visual perception.

The postdoctoral researcher in Liverpool will be involved in data collection, measurements and the development of visual model components. The research associate will spend two secondments, each one month, in Cambridge to facilitate cross-disciplinary training and joint work on the project.

The research associate will have the opportunity to work on real-life applications, e.g. the adjustment of image appearance depending on the user's visual performance (age-adaptive rendering). The partnership with Apple will provide the research associates with a unique opportunity to explore links outside of academia.

This project presents a unique training opportunity for the research associates who will benefit from experts working on the same topic (colour appearance) but come from different theoretical backgrounds (Rafal Mantiuk, Computer Vision; Sophie Wuerger, Human vision). The project will be advised by Graham Finlayson (University of East Anglia), Jasna Martinovic (Aberdeen) and Garrett Johnson (Apple Inc.).

Project Description:
This project will investigate human perception in the context of novel high dynamic range display technologies. It involves psychophysical experiments as well as modelling spatio-chromatic appearance under a wide range of light levels, from mesopic light levels to the levels produced by high-dynamic range displays (0.01 to 5000 cd/m2). It will devise and validate a new model of spatial colour vision that will support detailed analysis and prediction of how content on new displays will be perceived. Such a model can then be used to automatically process images so that their appearance is preserved when presented in a significantly different manner: at different brightness levels (display dimming), at different contrast (tone-mapping, ambient light compensation), under different viewing conditions (dark cinema vs. bright living room). The model will also be able to take into account potential individual differences in observer sensitivity and implement the effect of age-related changes in the visual system. The model will be tested in novel applications, such as adjustment of image appearance depending on the user's visual performance (age-adaptive rendering), and adjustment for display brightness, contrast and ambient illumination (display-adaptive rendering).

Essential Skills:
Ph.D. (or about to obtain a Ph.D.) in an area related to vision science (Neuroscience; Computer science; Engineering; Experimental Psychology) is required. Good quantitative and programming skills, problem solving skills, the ability to work independently.  Knowledge of methods in experimental psychology and a background in colour vision and visual psychophysics would be a plus.

Start date:  post is available immediately with flexible start

For informal enquiries on the postdoctoral positions, please contact Sophie Wuerger (s.m.wuerger at liverpool.ac.uk<mailto:s.m.wuerger at liverpool.ac.uk>) with a cover letter stating your research interests and a brief CV.

Online applications:   PDRA in Vision Science Grade 7 009064<https://recruit.liverpool.ac.uk/pls/corehrrecruit/erq_jobspec_version_4.display_form?p_company=1&p_internal_external=E&p_display_in_irish=N&p_process_type=&p_applicant_no=&p_form_profile_detail=&p_display_apply_ind=Y&p_refresh_search=Y&p_recruitment_id=009064>
Further details: http://gtr.rcuk.ac.uk/projects?ref=EP%2FP007503%2F1


Sophie Wuerger

University of Liverpool

Liverpool  L69 7ZA

s.m.wuerger at liverpool.ac.uk<mailto:s.m.wuerger at liverpool.ac.uk>


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