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Tue Apr 3 08:52:45 -05 2018

The Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering 
(http://www.ntnu.edu/ie) at the Norwegian University of Science and 
Technology (NTNU) has a vacancy for a 3- year 100% fully funded position 
as a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Computer Science (IDI) 
(http://www.ntnu.edu/idi). The position is hosted at the Norwegian 
Colour and Visual Computing Laboratory (Colourlab) 
(http://www.colourlab.no), Gjøvik.

The recruited postdoctoral researcher will contribute to advancing the 
state of the art in a broad research field involving acquiring, 
processing, and reproducing the appearance of materials. Appearance 
attributes include colour, gloss, translucency, and texture. The 
measurement of physical surface properties such as the spatially varying 
sub-surface scattering bidirectional reflectance distribution function 
are key to understanding appearance, however the involved visual 
processes are not yet fully understood. Technologies for reproducing 
objects with specified shape and appearance are currently developing 
within the field of additive manufacturing (3D printing), but many 
research challenges are still open. The researcher will work 
individually, under supervision by Prof. Jon Y. Hardeberg, but also 
collaboration is encouraged, with other members of the Colourlab and 
internationally; especially in conjunction with the ongoing FRIPRO 
Toppforsk project MUVApp (Measuring and Understanding Visual 
Appearance). Candidates are requested to submit an initial research 
proposal at the time of application; the final research focus and plan 
will be discussed and agreed later. Possible research directions include 
but are not limited to: new methods for goniometric hyperspectral image 
capture, assessing appearance uniformity of 3d objects, appearance-based 
modeling of 2.5D and 3D printing systems, appearance gamut mapping, 
appearance reproduction application areas in medical and cultural heritage.

If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please contact me at 
jon.hardeberg at ntnu.no, or go directly to 
for further information and to apply. Please note that the application 
deadline is April 6th, so don't waste your time...

Jon Yngve Hardeberg, PhD,  Professor of Colour Imaging
The Norwegian  Colour and Visual Computing  Laboratory
Department of Computer Science http://www.colourlab.no
NTNU - Norwegian University of  Science and Technology
PO Box 191, 2802 Gjøvik, Norway, jon.hardeberg at ntnu.no
Ph: +47-98216899, www.ntnu.edu/employees/jon.hardeberg
COSI EMJM  Master Program: www.master-colourscience.eu

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