[visionlist] About help on eye-tracking of head free non-human primates

Harish Katti harish2006 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 01:30:45 -05 2018

 Dear all
      I am Harish, a post-doctoral fellow in Dr SP Arun's experimental
vision group at the Centre for Neuroscience, Indian Institute of Science.
I'm posting this to get feedback from researchers who have tried automated
eye-gaze/head-pose/body-pose tracking of freely moving non-human primates.

In our lab we are trying to setup eye tracking in monkeys without any
head restraints. Our plan is to have a behavioural arena where the
animal is not head-fixed and can come up to a touch screen and perform
simple tasks in return for juice rewards. Since the animals are not
head-fixed, the eye-tracking needs to be done in a manner that can
handle change in body and head pose. We have been evaluating a few
commercial eye-tracking systems but find that the trackers have
difficulty in finding the face/eyes. It will be nice to have your inputs
on the following issues,

1. Is there a good eye tracking system that already has macaque face
appearance templates bulit in?

2. Are there any novel ways of placing  the screen and tracker that
result in better eye-tracking? We have tried various ways of placing
trackers below the screen and at various distances from the animal.

3. Are there multi-camera eye-tracker systems that we can set-up from
different view points so that one or more can always have a clear view
of the animal?

4. Do these systems have hardware input for behavioral event markers and
analog/digital outputs of eye-gaze data so that we can sync it with our
neural data acquisition.

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