[visionlist] Seeking advice on displays with narrowband primaires

Abigail Finch abigailfinch at btinternet.com
Mon Jul 23 05:19:17 -05 2018

Dear all,
I'm Abi, a PhD student in the Physics department at Durham University, UK. I mostly run psychophysical experiments investigating the optics of the eye and in particular chromatic aberration.
I'm trying to find a suitable display to present stimuli for an experiment. The most important features are that the display has narrowband primaries (the narrower the better) and a relatively good black level. Does anyone know of a display that might be suitable?
We've been using a DLP projector with LED primaries but are having issues with the black levels and some inbuilt image processing which we can't turn off. We were wondering whether an OLED display might be a better option but haven't found any that actually publish the spectra of their primaries.
Please email me personally at abigail.p.finch at durham.ac.uk to avoid spamming the list and I will write up a summary of the responses I get and post that on the list.
Thanks very much for your help!
Best wishes,Abi
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