[visionlist] Are there any working interactive demos of SDT decision space and ROC space on the web?

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I just found this last week and it runs without Java:
Click on the "Illustrations" tab.



On Sun, Sep 2, 2018 at 3:18 PM, Lester Loschky <loschky at ksu.edu> wrote:

> Hi Everybody,
> For a long time, I've used interactive web-based demonstrations of Signal
> Detection Theory (SDT) decision space and ROC space to teach students about
> the underlying statistical theory of SDT.  So, I would like to start this
> posting by giving a big "Thank You!!" to the folks at Claremont Graduate
> University, Ann Bisantz, John Krantz, and Garrett Neske who have made it
> possible to do so!  That has been a great educational gift from each of
> them to the world wide community.
> Having said that, 3 of the 4 ones I ones I know of were written in Java,
> and are now no longer able to be run due to being blocked by Java security
> (with no possibility of unblocking them).
> For example, at Claremont Graduate University, the Web Interface for
> Statistics Education (WISE) website had a really nice demo of the SDT
> decision space and how it maps onto the ROC space:
> http://wise.cgu.edu/portfolio/demo-signal-detection-theory/
> However, that Java applet no longer runs due to being blocked by Java
> security.  So, you get an error message if you try to run it, which says:
> "Application Blocked. Click for details"
> I used to be able to add that Java Applet to my trusted Java exceptions in
> the Security tab of Preferences in my web browser (Safari).  However, while
> I can currently add the WISE website to the exceptions list, I can no
> longer add that particular page to the list.  The folks at WISE are aware
> of this, and have the following notice about it on their Troubleshooting
> page:
> Enable JavaScript
>> You no longer can unblock Java for specific pages. The applets written in
>> JavaScript will work, but the older Java applets will not.
> Evidently, that demo is an older Java applet that was not written in
> JavaScript.
> Similarly, I have had the same problem for John Krantz's SDT demos at
> Hanover College:
> https://psych.hanover.edu/JavaTest/SDT/outcomes.html
> https://psych.hanover.edu/JavaTest/SDT/ROC.html
> Likewise, there used to be a really nice web-based interactive demo of the
> SDT decision space and ROC space by Ann Bisantz at SUNY Buffalo.  However,
> I can no longer find it on the web (and if it was written as an older Java
> applet, probably would not run now).
> Garrett Neske has very kindly shared a nice interactive demo of the SDT
> decision space and ROC curve on the Wolfram (Mathematica) Demonstrations
> Project, which you can download and run using the Wolfram CDF player.
> However, unlike the Claremont WISE and Bisantz interactive demos, it does
> not report d' and c.  Having said that, it does give H and F rates out of
> 1,000 signal present and absent trials each, so one can calculate d' and c
> with students in class, but it isn't automatic as with the other
> interactive demos.  I guess from an educational standpoint it's a trade-off
> between a) fluidity of demonstrating the concepts and b) demonstrating how
> to calculate d' and c.  Currently, this is the interactive demo I use in
> class (hats off to Garrett).
> However, out of curiosity, I'm wondering, are there any other web-based
> demos of the SDT decision space and ROC space that currently work?
> Best wishes,
> Les Loschky
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