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*Call for Papers*

*Time for Action: Reaching for a Better Understanding of the Dynamics of

*Submission Deadline: November 15, 2018*

*Guest Editors:*
*Joo-Hyun Song
<joo-hyun_song at brown.edu?subject=APP%20Special%20Issue:%20Time%20for%20Action>*,
*Brown University*
*Tim Welsh
<t.welsh at utoronto.ca?subject=APP%20Special%20Issue:%20Time%20for%20Action>*,
*University of Toronto, Canada*

This special issue is a companion to the 2018 Leading Edge Workshop
Time for Action: Reaching for a Better Understanding of the Dynamics of
Cognition <https://www.psychonomic.org/page/2018workshop>

The overarching goal of this special issue is to provide a dedicated space
for empirical and review papers that advance the understanding of how
cognition and action systems are integrated and operate synergistically.
This knowledge of how humans efficiently interact and navigate in complex
environments is vital for generating a comprehensive understanding of human
behavior and will help shape the design of everyday objects and training
and working environments.

It is evident that the products of our cognitive processes are expressed
through our actions. Historically, the transformation of sensory inputs
into action has been treated as a set of relatively unidirectional
processing events with the results of low-level sensory and earlier
perceptual processes informing higher-order cognitive processes until a
decision is made to respond, at which point the action system receives its
instructions. Given this compartmentalized approach, it may not be too
surprising that there has been relatively little interaction between
researchers in cognitive and motor domains. Thus, until recently, a deeper
understanding of human behavior has been hindered because little attention
has been paid to the broader context of action and how action processes are
embedded in the larger canvas of visual attention, memory, learning,
decision-making and interpersonal interaction.

We seek contributions from researchers across multiple areas, including but
not limited to, psychology, neuroscience, kinesiology, and human-computer
interactions, to share and critically evaluate their cutting-edge
theoretical, empirical, and translational developments. Submissions could
be in the format of empirical pieces reporting new results from original
research, targeted reviews, or interesting viewpoints. The special issue
will have a broad scope encompassing experimental, theoretical,
computational, and clinical studies, as well as methodological approaches.

Authors who are interested in submitting a review or viewpoint paper are
highly recommended submitting a pre-submission inquiry of approximately one
page to the guest editors by August 1, 2018. If you have any question about
a possible submission, please contact one of the guest editors.

All submissions will undergo normal, full peer review, maintaining the same
high editorial standards for regular submissions to *Attention, Perception,
& Psychophysics*.

*Submit a Manuscript <https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/pandp>*
*Submission Deadline: November 15, 2018*

Manuscripts should include a cover letter indicating that the submission is
for the special issue, Time for Action: Reaching for a Better Understanding
of the Dynamics of Cognition. Because this is a journal special issue, not
an edited book, the deadline is firm; our intention is to publish the
special issue 6-8 months after the submission deadline. Revisions invited
by the guest editors will be expected within two months of receipt of the
editorial decision letter and reviews.

Please contact the guest editors, Joo-Hyun Song
<joo-hyun_song at brown.edu?subject=APP%20Special%20Issue:%20Time%20for%20Action>
or Tim Welsh
<t.welsh at utoronto.ca?subject=APP%20Special%20Issue:%20Time%20for%20Action>,
for this special issue.



Joo-Hyun Song, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dept of Cognitive, Linguistic & Psychological Sciences
Brown University, Box 1821
Providence, RI 02912
401-863-7666 (P)
401-863-2255 (F)
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