[visionlist] Call for Participants: ActEV 1.B evaluation evaluation

Godil, Afzal A. (Fed) afzal.godil at nist.gov
Mon Oct 1 08:23:49 -05 2018

Dear All,

We are organizing the ActEV 1.B Evaluation (https://actev.nist.gov/), with the goals to assess the capability of algorithms to correctly detect activities in unconstrained videos. The first phase of the evaluation is run as a  Self-Reported Evaluation. We invite everyone to take part in the evaluation.

The revised draft evaluation plan (https://actev.nist.gov/uassets/7) for the 1.B evaluation. Page 8 of the Evaluation plan has the list of 19 activities for the 1.B Eval and Appendix C has descriptions about the activities. The 1.B Test data will be based on the VIRAT-V1 and VIRAT-V2 datasets (the Leaderboard Test data was only based on VIRAT V1 dataset).

Besides the AD and AOD task, we have added the Activity Object Detection and Tracking (AODT) task.

Also, download the VIRAT-V1 JSON training and validation sets  for the 1.B evaluation (same as for the ActEV Leaderboard evaluation), and includes the 19 activities and all the object bounding boxes, from the link: https://mig.nist.gov/actev-data/

Tentative ActEV 1.B Self-Reported Evaluation Schedule

October 15, 2018: NIST Dry Run for 1.B Evaluation begins on Scoring Server (1.B-Dryrun)
November 5, 2018: NIST Dry Run ends
November 12, 2018: NIST Evaluation Data Unlocked
November 12, 2018: NIST start of 1.B Evaluation Scoring Server
November 30, 2018: Performers submit AD, AOD, AODT, self-reported (1.B-Eval)

The training and validation JSON files are also located at:
username: actev
password: GaEg4-?Lk2x

We look forward to your participation or any additional correspondence in this regard.

Best wishes,


Afzal Godil
Information Technology Laboratory
National Institute of Standards and Technology
godil at nist.gov

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