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Daisy He xdhe at ucdavis.edu
Thu Nov 8 12:21:47 -05 2018

Dear members of the community,

Think this could be helpful for those who are/interested in using EEG
device in their research.

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From: *BrainCo Research *<research at brainco.tech>
Date: Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 12:08 PM
Subject: BrainCo can help support your research
To: Daisy He <xdhe at ucdavis.edu>

[image: Picture1.png]

BrainCo <https://www.brainco.tech/> is a startup incubated in the Harvard
Innovation Lab that develops brain-machine interface (BMI) platform
technologies and is a leading pioneer in applying brain-based applications
in the education space.

Our research-grade EEG device, Focus1 <https://www.brainco.tech/focus-1>,
with embedded hydro-gel sensors, has unlocked a new world of
*affordable* solutions
for wellness, education, neuromarketing, health and entertainment research.
Our accurate, portable EEG headbands along with our intuitive software makes
EEG data collection a seamless process. Wi-Fi connectivity enables scaling
opportunities for research studies: Connect over 100 devices to the system
at the same time for simultaneous data-collection. Focus SDK enables direct
communication with the Focus1 headband, allowing you to stream live
EEG data into
your application.

We are looking to team up with research pioneers who are working on
exciting applications and are willing to use our technology in an
innovative way.

To become a *Focus* research partner send us an email to

research at brainco.tech

To learn more about the project visit:

We provide flexible and scalable collaboration opportunities and a device
loaning program tailored to your project needs.

[image: Focus1.PNG]

Thank You

*BrainCo Research Team*
Research Team | at BrainCo

*A* 120 Beacon St. STE 300, Somerville, MA, 02143
*P* (617)945-1493   *E* research at brainco.tech

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