[visionlist] Registered Reports format now available at Perception/iPerception

Jonathan Peirce jon.peirce at gmail.com
Tue Nov 20 05:27:42 -05 2018

Dear all,

We’re very pleased to announce that /Perception/ and /iPerception/ have 
added the option for publication of/Registered Reports/, articles that 
are provisionally accepted purely on the basis of an interesting 
hypothesis, where we think the experiment should be run and published 
whatever the result.

Registered Reports differ from conventional empirical articles by 
performing part of the review process before researchers collect and 
analyse data (see https://cos.io/rr for details and list of adopting 
journals). High quality preregistered protocols that meet strict 
editorial criteria are then offered in principle acceptance, which 
guarantees publication of the results provided authors adhere to their 
preregistered protocol, and provided various pre-specified quality 
standards are achieved in the final outcome.

For studies with a clear hypothesis, the Registered Reports format has 
several benefits. First, it prevents publication bias by ensuring that 
editorial decisions are based on the theoretical importance and 
methodological rigour of a study, before research outcomes are known.

Second, by requiring authors to preregister their study methods and 
analysis plans in advance, it prevents common forms of research bias 
including p-hacking (selective reporting of statistically significant 
outcomes) and hindsight bias (presenting a hypothesis derived from 
unexpected results as though it was predicted in advance) while still 
welcoming unregistered analyses that are clearly labelled as exploratory 
or post hoc.

Third, pre-study peer review enables avoidable flaws in study design and 
analysis plans to be corrected before the research is undertaken, 
improving the quality and efficiency of the research process.

Finally, if you have a clear /a priori/ hypothesis this gives you a 
chance to show off that fact, without your readers questioning whether 
you came up with your hypothesis after peeking at the data.

Adding this article format does not preclude exploratory research. 
Perception and iPerception are both still accepting regular articles. 
Even with a Registered Report you can also include data and analyses 
that you thought of after registration, as long as you identify them 
clearly as being /post hoc/ or exploratory analyses.

We think this is an exciting new option that we hope vision scientists 
will embrace. Many thanks to Pieter Moors and Chris Chambers for their 
help developing the idea.

Kind regards,
Jon Peirce
Registered Reports Editor

Jonathan Peirce

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