[visionlist] Call for contests at CAIP 2019 in Salerno, Italy (2-5 September 2019)

Nicola Strisciuglio n.strisciuglio at rug.nl
Sun Dec 2 11:53:45 -05 2018


*18th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns*


Call for contests

The CAIP2019 Organizers invite proposals for contests to be held within 
the framework of the CAIP Conference. The aim of the contests is to 
stimulate and share advances in the development of algorithms and 
methods for computer vision and pattern recognition with objective 
evaluation on common datasets. The contest organizer is responsible for 
providing good quality data and defining objective evaluation criteria 
that are applied to the results of submitted solutions.

Proposals should contain the following information:

 1. Contest title and abstract.
 2. General description of the problem.
 3. Description of the dataset to be used.
 4. Description of the specific contest tasks.
 5. Evaluation metrics or tool to be used for evaluation.
 6. Plans for contest web site.
 7. Contact information for the organizer(s).
 8. Brief CVs of the organizer(s).

The following rules will apply to the accepted contests:

  * All contests must run well in advance of the conference.
  * Datasets used in the contests should be made available after the end
    of the contests.
  * Evaluation methodologies and metrics must be clearly described and
    easy to apply.
  * Contests should have sufficient number of participants to be able to
    draw meaningfulconclusions.
  * Contest organizers should present the contest organization and
    results at a special session of CAIP2019.
  * Reports (full papers) on each contest will be reviewed and, if
    accepted (the contest run according to plan and is appropriately
    described), will be published in the CAIP2019 conference proceedings.


Proposals should be submitted by electronic mail to the CAIP Organizing 
Committee (caip2019 at unisa.it <mailto:caip2019 at unisa.it>)

*Important dates*

Contest proposal submission deadline: *December 3, 2018*
Contest acceptance notification deadline: *December 17, 2018*
Contest reports due: *April 30, 2018*

If you have any query, please contact the CAIP2019 Organizing Committee.

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