[visionlist] Second announcement: MDPI-Vision: Special Issue: "Role of the Pulvinar in Visual Processing"

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Role of the Pulvinar in Visual Processing

Special Issue Information:

Dear Colleagues,

There is more and more evidence that the main visual extrageniculate thalamus nucleus, the pulvinar, plays a multifaceted role in vision and that disrupted functional circuits between pulvinar and cortex contribute to the pathophysiological mechanisms of psychiatric disorders. In this Special Issue on "Role of the Pulvinar in Visual Processing", we will cover major advances in pulvinar research over the past five years, with a mixture of original and review articles. The subjects may include the following:

Evolution of the pulvinar
Anatomical and functional organization of the pulvinar
The transthalamic cortical pathways
The drivers/modulators concept: is pulvinar driving or modulating the visual cortex?
Visual properties of pulvinar neurons
Visual maps in the pulvinar
Pulvinar and visual attention
Functional relationships between pulvinar and cortical areas
Top-down and bottom-up processes involving pulvinar
Pulvinar and emotions: subcortical fear pathways
Residual vision: involvement of pulvinar
What thalamic lesions can tell us about the human pulvinar?
Schizophrenia: the pulvinar hypothesis
Pulvinar and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorders
Imaging the pulvinar in humans and animal models
Modeling cortico-pulvinar[...]

Christian Casanova

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