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link: https://www.academictransfer.com/en/52135/phd-position-visual-perception-and-the-art-of-material-depiction/

Job description
Understanding the perceptual expertise of artists can generate novel scientific insights about visual perception. Vice verse, perceptual analysis of art can contribute to new art historical insights. This is the starting point for our project where we specifically focus on how artists depict material properties. The rendering of material properties is of interest throughout art history but also has contemporary relevance, ranging from computer animation to (online) product photography.

In this project we use psychophysical methods to relate perceptual responses to image content. Most of our experiments will take place online which means you will program in HTML and JavaScript. Typical data analysis requires knowledge of linear algebra and statistics.

The project mostly relates to visual perception of material properties, but is also related to art history. Furthermore, it is related to the field of visual communication design, as we are also studying (and designing) novel ways of communicating material properties (e.g. for online shopping purposes).

Applicants should have a recent MSc degree in (experimental) physics, experimental psychology, computer science, industrial design, or a similar field. The candidate has proven ability for doing quantitative research and scientific writing. Furthermore, the candidate has some experience in programming, or can convince the committee that she or he is able to pick this up smoothly. Experience with software such as R, Matlab or Mathematica is a pre. Since studying material perception often involves some understanding of light and matter, basic understanding of optics (or physics in general) would be a pre.

The goal of any PhD project is to become an independent scientist, so the candidate should be able to show independence potential. Furthermore, a perseverant and goal directed attitude is required, yet at the same time should be a team player fitting well in our team of PhD students.

Additional information
Please do not hesitate to send informal questions about the position and project to dr. Maarten Wijntjes, email: M.W.A.Wijntjes at tudelft.nl<mailto:M.W.A.Wijntjes at tudelft.nl>, tel: +31614382500. Applications will be reviewed at the end of Februari, 2019, yet applications will be accepted until position is filled.
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