[visionlist] DGCI 2019 - Financial support to student venue: call for applications

Jean Cousty jean.cousty at esiee.fr
Wed Feb 13 08:50:17 -04 2019

Dear colleagues,

we have a budget to fully support the venue at DGCI 2019 
(https://dgci2019.sciencesconf.org/) of a limited number of students 
(typically outstanding  undergraduate, master, or 1st year of PhD 
students interested in DGCI and who could not come to the conference 
without this support).

We need to receive the demands for this support, by email 
(dgci2019 at sciencesconf.org), no later than February 22nd, 2019. The 
demand must contain the following information:
- a short CV of the student who is demanding the support;
- a short cover letter of the student explaining why he or she is 
demanding the support; and
- optionally, a support letter by a researcher working in one of the 
topics of the conference.

Michel Couprie, Jean Cousty, Yukiko Kenmochi, and Nabil Mustafa - 
General chairs of DGCI 2019

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