[visionlist] [cvnet] Robert Musil and the Color Wheel

Prof. Michael Bach michael.bach at uni-freiburg.de
Wed Mar 27 04:32:46 -04 2019

Dear Christopher:

> Would you like to explicate the title of his book that you reference?  To the untutored ear, it seems like a null set.
For you this might be a good reference

BTW, you wrote
> >However, in 1855 Maxwell invented the colour top for mixing colours …
However, as usual, it was in use before that
“…used by Ignaz Schiffermüller and Munsch in the mid 18th century”
“…and was systematically applied a century later in rigorous color mixing experiments by James Clerk Maxwell and Ogden Rood.”
This “…colortop.html” reference is in Longair’s article.

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