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It is with great sadness that I write to report that Andrea Li (Professor of Psychology at CUNY Queens College) passed away on Friday March 16 after a courageous battle with liver cancer.  Andrea went to MIT for College, did her PhD with Peter Lennie in Rochester on discriminating textures using color mixtures, and then a post-doc with me at SUNY on 3D shape inferences from texture/pattern cues.  By using new stimuli, she discovered that signs of curvatures and slants are carried by characteristic orientation flows, similar to those at occluding edges, and established that the usual spatial frequency gradients lead only to depth/distance percepts.  She then showed how the parallel parsing of images into multiple orientations in primary visual cortex leads to sensible neural models for shape from texture.   She had recently begun innovative work on face perception, but alas that will not be completed.

Andrea leaves behind her husband Andrew, Emma (8) and the twins Kira and Alex (6).  At my request, Andrew supplied the following for Andrea’s friends who may want to help support the kids:

People who are not local have asked how they can help. There are three ways. You are welcome to, if you have the ability, to do so. There is the mealtrain for meals (both local and delivery) (see: www.mealtrain.com/trains/o3vo11<http://www.mealtrain.com/trains/o3vo11> ). There is a mealtrain that I established to support the children's program for after school enrichment, summer camp and school break camps (see: www.mealtrain.com/trains/0yzrl3<http://www.mealtrain.com/trains/0yzrl3>). The latter mealtrain is about the opportunity for childhood fun, play and learning. I have also established 529 plans for each child. People encouraged us to establish them to help fund for the children's college educations. The mealtrains carry a 8.25% fee and income taxes. At the goal we have set, those aren't terribly consequential. The 529's are not subject to taxes or fees below pretty high maximum contributions. The 529 contribution information is below. To contribute, one would visit ugift529.com<http://ugift529.com> and enter the code for a child to support.

L2Y-G5M (Emma)
V8W-M2Z (Alexander)
52X-S29 (Kira)

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