[visionlist] Ph.D. position - Interactions of horizontal cells and the ribbon-synaptic complex of photoreceptors

Martin Greschner martin.greschner at uni-oldenburg.de
Thu Apr 4 09:40:26 -04 2019

The Visual Neuroscience group at the University of Oldenburg is offering a

Ph.D. position (TV-L E13 65%)

in the German Research Foundation funded Research Training Group 1885 Molecular Basis of Sensory Biology. The position starts on Oct 01 2019 and is funded for 3 years.

Processing of the visual signal starts at the first synapse in the visual system, i.e. between photoreceptors and their postsynaptic neurons. The overall goal of our research is to understand how distinct molecular components interact with each other to facilitate synaptic signalling.

Photoreceptors form a morphologically and functionally unique synapse, the so-called triad ribbon synapse. Triads are invaginating synaptic complexes at the axon terminals of photoreceptors. They are composed of a presynaptic ribbon which is laterally flanked by two postsynaptic horizontal cell processes and centrally contacted by one or two ON bipolar cell dendrites. Horizontal cells take center stage at this synaptic structure due to their largely elusive role in vision, their extraordinarily complex synaptic connectivity involving both chemical and electrical synapses, and the requirement of their presence for a proper formation of the triad synapse as a whole. We will use retinas of wild-type and genetically modified mice in combination with immunohistochemistry and protein biochemistry, to investigate the synaptic and structural components whereby horizontal cells contribute to network and synapse formation and thus, to proper signaling in the outer retina. For more information please visit www.uni-oldenburg.de/en/retina/research/<http://www.uni-oldenburg.de/en/retina/research/>.

We seek a highly motivated PhD student with an academic university degree (Master) in Biology or related fields. Applicants should have training in neuroscience, experience with immunohistochemistry and/or protein biochemistry, and a strong interest in vision research. Good English language skills are expected.

The RTG Molecular basis of Sensory Biology and the University of Oldenburg are aware of the power of diversity. In order to increase the percentage of female faculty and staff members, female candidates with equal qualification will be given preference. Applicants with disabilities will be preferentially considered in case of equal qualification.

Your application should include a letter of motivation, a detailed CV, a publication list, at least two personal references (incl. phone numbers), university and high school certificates. Please send your application as a single pdf-file to Dr. Kristin Tietje (sensorybio at uol.de<mailto:sensorybio at uol.de>) referring to the title ‘Interactions of horizontal cells and the ribbon-synaptic complex of photoreceptors’. All applications received before the 15th of April 2019 will be considered. We will start looking at the applications after the deadline (15th of April) and will consider further applications until the position is filled.
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