[visionlist] Call for papers ICES Journal of Marine Science Special Issue- Applications of ML and AI in marine science

Cigdem Beyan Cigdem.Beyan at iit.it
Mon Apr 15 05:11:06 -04 2019

The ICES Journal of Marine Science<https://academic.oup.com/icesjms> (ICES JMS) strives to advance marine science by making judicious use of themed article sets (TSs). TS's are series of coordinated contributions - introduced by a synthetic overview - on a selected topic.

We invite you to participate in a TS on "Applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence in marine science".

The objective of this TS is to bring together contributions on the broad theme of the applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning and advanced data systems (e.g. block chains) to research, monitoring and management of marine organisms and ecosystems. We welcome contributions on the following topics, among others:

*  Automatic marine ecosystem monitoring based on visual and/or acoustic data
*  Automatic fish detection
*  Automatic coral reef state detection (e.g. health, dead/alive)
*  Underwater measurement of fish length
*  Automatic fish counting, e.g. to analyze the effect of global warming
*  Automatic fish tracking (e.g. swimming speeds and trajectories)
*  Automatic fish species classification/recognition/identification
*  Characterizing interactions between fish (e.g. predator-prey relationships)
*  Fine-grained automatic object recognition in underwater visual data (e.g. substrate classification, planktons)
*  Applications of block chain technology/systems
*  Automatic detection/classification of Marine Animals Acoustics (e.g. whales, dolphins)
*  Automatic systems for fisheries management<https://agu.confex.com/agu/os18/preliminaryview.cgi/Paper301941.html>

Manuscripts should

*  present case studies of the implementation of systems that apply machine learning/deep learning algorithms;
*  be novel in terms of the tool/software/user interface presented, which should be something that marine scientists can use in their work, although not necessarily novel in terms of the methodology itself;
*  include big real-life (underwater) data, that were collected over months/years and analysis of which cannot reasonably be performed manually by humans;
*  be a synthetic review that investigates the existing methods for the given topics but also proposes future directions such that machine learning, big data analysis methods can be used.

Manuscripts should not be exclusively descriptions of methods unaccompanied by a case study application. In addition to original research articles, contributions can take the form of a review, a "Food for Thought" essay in which you present a thought-provoking or controversial issue, or a "Quo Vadimus" essay in which you describe what you see as the future of the field, question or issue.

The deadline for submissions is 6 May 2019. For more information regarding the call, submission and review process, please refer to:https://www.dropbox.com/s/xw3r1tfx1jw3cjt/Invitation%20to%20contribute%20to%20a%20TS%20on%20applications%20of%20machine%20learning_Final.pdf?dl=0

Yours sincerely,

Cigdem Beyan and Howard Browman
Editors, ICES JMS
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