[visionlist] Full-Time Research Assistant (RA)/ Lab Manager at Max Planck Institute, Research Group of Lucia Melloni

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Sat Jun 1 09:30:53 -04 2019

We are hiring!
Come join us as a Research Assistant/Lab Manager

We are looking for a passionate and talented Lab Manager to join the research group of Lucia Melloni at the Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics (Frankfurt am Main, Germany).
Our lab is interested in understanding why we perceive and remember the way we do, and specifically why we are conscious. To tackle those questions we use a range of methods including psychophysics, magnetoencephalography, functional magnetic resonance imaging, and invasive recordings in epilepsy patients.

The lab manager is expected to provide support for research activities carried out in the lab but also to pursue research projects of his/her own. The position is particularly suited for a recent graduate from a Neuroscience, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Computer Science or related program who is seeking to work in an innovative research environment in preparation for graduate school.
A two-year commitment is expected; the anticipated start date is August 2019 or soon after. Interested applicants are welcome to email Lucia Melloni directly for enquiries regarding the position (lucia.melloni at ae.mpg <mailto:lucia.melloni at ae.mpg>.de).

Please submit your application, including a CV and a cover letter describing your background, experience and motivation - preferably in pdf format, and the names of two references that have previously agreed to be contacted no later than June 24, 2019, to: 

job at ae.mpg.de <mailto:job at ae.mpg.de> and lucia.melloni at ae.mpg.de <mailto:lucia.melloni at ae.mpg.de> with the subject Lab Manager L.Melloni 

For the full job description please see here <https://www.aesthetics.mpg.de/institut/jobs/lab-manager-neuroscience-fmd.html>: https://www.aesthetics.mpg.de/institut/jobs/lab-manager-neuroscience-fmd.html <https://www.aesthetics.mpg.de/institut/jobs/lab-manager-neuroscience-fmd.html>

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