[visionlist] Second Call: DyVito - Dynamics in Vision and Touch Workshop by Bilkent, Registration open!

Dicle Dovencioglu dicle at bilkent.edu.tr
Fri Jul 5 05:35:31 -04 2019

Dear all,

We are very pleased to invite you to join us in our upcoming workshop, DyViTo: "Dynamics in Vision and Touch – the look and feel of stuff" at Argos <http://argosincappadocia.com/EN/> in Cappadocia Hotel, Uchisar, Turkey, on November 5th – 8th, 2019.  

The meeting is funded by the European Union Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grant "DyViTo: Dynamics in Vision and Touch". Please visit our website <https://dyvito.com/> for more information about the goals of the network, participating universities, and industrial partners.
This meeting is the second in a series of workshops to be hosted by the member institutions of the DyViTo network. The workshop will have invited talks and poster sessions featuring the latest work on visual, haptic, and multisensory perception of object and material properties. Confirmed speakers for our meeting include:

Wendy Adams <https://www.southampton.ac.uk/psychology/about/staff/wendya.page>
Cagatay Basdogan <http://home.ku.edu.tr/~cbasdogan/>
David Brainard <https://color.psych.upenn.edu/>
Katja Doerschner <https://www.uni-giessen.de/fbz/fb06/psychologie/abt/allgemeine-psychologie/bapl/team/katjadoerschner-boyaci>
Dicle Dovencioglu <http://www.dicle.info/>
Knut Drewing <http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de/sfb/employees/project-leader/drewing1.html>
Katja Fiehler <https://www.uni-giessen.de/faculties/f06/psy/departments-1/generalpsychology/wh/team-members/prof-dr-katja-fiehler>
Roland Fleming <http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de/sfb/employees/project-leader/fleming1.html>
Burak Guclu <https://bme.boun.edu.tr/burak-guclu>
David Heeger <http://www.cns.nyu.edu/heegerlab/>
Hulusi Kafaligonul <http://hulusi.bilkent.edu.tr/index.html>
Daniel Kersten <http://vision.psych.umn.edu/users/kersten/kersten-lab/kersten-lab.html>
Frank Maile <https://www.linkedin.com/in/frank-j-maile-13212110/?originalSubdomain=de>
Lawrence Maloney <http://www.psych.nyu.edu/maloney/>
Luke Miller <http://www.lukemillerneuro.com/>
Vivian Paulun <http://www.allpsych.uni-giessen.de/vivian/index.php>
Sylvia Pont <http://www.sylviapont.nl/>

The workshop is open to non-network members for participation, but space is limited, so apply early to secure your place! Poster presentations are welcome.

The registration fee is 750 Euros, which will cover meals and lodging, as well as a historical tour of Cappadocia Open Air Museum. Payments will be made by international bank transfer following receipt of an invoice.

To register, please complete this form before the deadline on September 1st: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0bzg6Y4-ilRVNE6o57l5gYLlFN26KHSoGRz76oswPruJXJQ/viewform <https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd0bzg6Y4-ilRVNE6o57l5gYLlFN26KHSoGRz76oswPruJXJQ/viewform>

For questions regarding this event, please contact us at this address: dyvitobilkent at gmail.com <mailto:dyvitogiessen at gmail.com>

Best wishes,

Amna Malik & Dicle Dövencioğlu & Huseyin Boyaci

National Magnetic Resonance Research Center (UMRAM)
Bilkent University
Ankara 06800, Turkey

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