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Montreal Neurological Institute, McConnell Brain Imaging Centre, and McGill Vision Research
Supervisors: Dr. Amir Shmuel and Dr. Janine Mendola
Salary: Salary commensurate with experience
Planned start date: October 1st or after
Duration: The initial appointment is for one year, with possibility of extension for 2 additional years.

Project description:
We are seeking candidates for a funded software developer position, shared between the laboratories of Amir Shmuel (MNI Brain Imaging Centre) and Janine Mendola (McGill Vision Research) at McGill University. The project is situated within a broader team grant that has structural, functional and diffusion MRI of normal and clinical populations, as well as drug development and animal disease models. A major goal is to provide groundwork for a clinical trial.

The successful candidate will develop software and pipelines for visual stimulation and data analysis of structural, functional and diffusion MRI.  Cutting-edge data analysis - including network analysis and machine learning - will be developed for the differential diagnosis and prediction of the clinical prognosis of subjects with acute and chronic (e.g. glaucoma) optic nerve disorders.

Primary duties:

-          Design and develop software for visual stimulation and pipelines for data analysis.

-          Develop docker‐based computer pipelines for automated image processing and quality control.

-          Pipelines to include anatomical processing (cortical thickness, tractography), functional MRI (BOLD imaging at rest and during tasks), network analysis and machine-learning based prediction of prognosis

-          Interact with postdoctoral fellows and graduate students involved in the project

-          Maintain data and programs

-          Attend project-related meetings.

Qualifications and Skills:

-          Candidates should have a Master’s or equivalent in electrical engineering, computer science or other relevant discipline, strong analytical skills, and experience in developing pipelines.

-          Proficiency in: Linux, git, remote computing, containerization technology.

-          Experience with Python or Matlab.

-          Knowledge of neuroimaging analysis software and methods is an asset.

-          Knowledge in modern Data Science methods.

-          Good communication and organizational skills.

-          Desire to instruct others and develop technical documentation.

-          Willingness to learn new data analysis techniques, neuroscience, brain imaging.

How to apply:
Please send a cover letter and CV to amir.shmuel at mcgill.ca<mailto:amir.shmuel at mcgill.ca> and janine.mendola at mcgill.ca.
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