[visionlist] [cvnet] Third-eye rivalry?

Prof. Michael Bach michael.bach at uni-freiburg.de
Thu Sep 19 03:00:09 -04 2019

Dear Regan:

Thank you very much for bringing this nice & interesting effect to our attention. I probably come over as a spoil sport, and I apologise already, but I find this surprisingly difficult for me. I can fuse stereo pairs, crossed or un-crossed w/o difficulty, but find the “third eye” difficult to maintain. Maybe I’m just too fascinated by the double nose :). The 3rd eye fusion for me is very fleeting, the rivalry (of course) only temporary. BTW: one can also use any front-view photograph of appropriate size instead of a mirror. 

Indeed I would expect this difficult to experience for many lay people. I frequently demonstrate the “notorious Frankfurter” <https://michaelbach.de/ot/sze-Frankfurter/> in large audiences and there are always a number of (non-amblyopic) people who don’t experience it, even if I suggest various techniques for locking-in. I’m glad you mention the Sharp reference for the Frankfurter in your preprint (1926). @Yury: a reference for your 500 years?.

Thanking you, best regards,
Prof. Michael Bach, Freiburg, Germany <https://michaelbach.de>

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