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Special Issue *"Color & Spectral Sensors" *at Sensors

Deadline for manuscript submissions: *_31 March 2020_*

Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220) has an impact factor of 3.031 (2018 Journal 
Impact Factor) and it is ranked 15/61 at 'Instruments and 
Instrumentation'. It is ranked 9/123 in  'Physics and Astronomy: 
Instrumentation' and 102/661 in 'Electrical and Electronic Engineering', 
according to**CiteScore**(2018 Scopus data).


  * recent optical sensor technologies: plasmonic-based devices,
    coded-aperture systems, snapshot, scanning sensors, multilayer
    sensors, sparse sensors, HDR, and others.
  * application domains: spectral reconstruction, object recognition,
    underwater, biomedical applications, aids for the visually impaired,
    depth and stereo, color constancy, cultural heritage and art, HDR,
    robotic vision, food analysis, agriculture, waste sorting, and others.
  * demosaicing algorithms for color/spectral imaging
  * imaging sensors calibration
  * band optimization algorithms for spectral imaging
  * multiband fusion/blending
  * deep-learning applied to spectral image analysis and optimization of
    imaging systems

Dear Colleagues,
Image sensors, which are among the most important components inside 
digital imaging systems, convert the incoming light into an electrical 
signal that can be viewed, analyzed, or stored. Thanks to color sensors 
based on primary color channels (red, green, and blue), color imaging 
has been widely applied in general digital imaging. When an imaging 
device is able to capture between three and twelve channels or spectral 
bands, it is usually considered a multispectral imager. If the number of 
spectral bands is relatively high, the device can then be considered a 
hyperspectral imager. Technological advances in image sensors and 
spectral filtering (i.e., plasmons, coded aperture, scanning sensors, 
multilayer sensors, etc.) have allowed the proliferation of color, 
multispectral, and hyperspectral imaging systems for image capture in a 
wide range of fields, such as medicine, remote sensing, biology, 
cosmetics, quality control, surveillance, food industry, art 
observation, cultural heritage, and art, just to name a few. The present 
Special Issue on “Color and spectral sensors” aims to present recent 
advances in new optical sensor technologies and in the development of 
new techniques for processing color and/or spectral information and to 
demonstrate their potential for different applications, according, but 
not limited to, the list of keywords below. In addition to original 
research papers with novel findings, review articles describing the 
current state of the art and future perspectives are invited.

Prof. Dr. Javier Hernández-Andrés
Prof. Dr. Eva M. Valero Benito
Dr. Miguel A. Martínez-Domingo
Guest Editors


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