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Ana Sánchez-Cano anaisa at unizar.es
Thu Nov 14 09:26:38 -04 2019

Dear colleges,

”la Caixa” Banking Foundation is launching a fellowship programme for 
young researchers of any nationality to carry out a doctorate. A 
Doctoral INPhINIT Incoming fellow will be hosted by IIS ARAGON and 
University of Zaragoza (Spain), with the research group “B08_17R. 
Investigación en retina y sistema visual”.

Job position title: “*Ageing of the optical system of the eye on the 
efficiency and visual fatigue: development of instruments, optical 
modelling and experimental studies*”

The health of the visual system is critical in the modern society and 
has become one of the main concerns in the last decades. The aim of this 
project is to study various aspects related to the ageing of the optical 
system of the eye; in particular changes in the lens, one of the most 
affected ocular component by aging. The illumination as a key factor in 
the environment, more specifically, the exposome, has not been evaluated 
except for adequate illumination levels required for certain visual 
tasks or for the visual efficiency. By improving the environment, we 
could have a positive impact in our quality of life, our well-being or 
in aging. This project considers various complementary aspects that will 
allow a wider perspective on this topic by developing a new generation 
of systems to measure optical quality of the eye for use in experimental 
studies. We will develop and implement optical models to be applied to 
the modelling of the age-related optical changes of the eye. We will 
study optical factors, as well as associated blur 
adaptation/unadaptation, associated to visual fatigue (or strain) in 
presbyopic eyes due to a sustained accommodative demand (displays, 
electronic devices, or under different conditions of illumination) 
without any possibility of adequate response. We are especially 
interested in studying dynamics and binocular effects. This fact has 
generated visual symptoms and non-visual alterations that have not yet 
been thoroughly studied, we need a multidisciplinary approach to study 
what effect the light has on health. Our proposal is for illumination 
experts to study the environment with commercial lights, screens, and 
accessories designed to improve the visual function and to evaluate the 
correct parameters for the ophthalmologists and optometrists, and to 
propose models for ocular aging from an optical point of view.

We are seeking a talented, highly motivated individual to join a 
multidisciplinary research group in Aragon Institute for Health Research 
(IIS Aragon), Zaragoza, Spain. This position offers an opportunity to 
work with Rafael Navarro (ORCID-ID 0000-0002-1328-1716) and Ana 
Sánchez-Cano (ORCID-ID 0000-0002-5621-1937). The laboratory provides an 
outstanding scientific infrastructure and ideal environment for 
interdisciplinary collaboration, theirs research areas include the 
visual optics, instrumentation development, radiometry and photometry.

Candidates should have an undergraduate degree in physics (optics), 
optical engineering, visual computing or a related discipline.

A strong mathematical background and strong previous programming 
experience, preferably in Matlab and/or C++, and Zemax is required.

Proven understanding of laboratory and experimental optics.

Good teamwork, proactive, independent, time management and 
organizational skills.

Additional information:



Best regards,

Ana Sánchez-Cano, PhD
Física Aplicada. Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Zaragoza
C/ Pedro Cerbuna, 12
Tfno. +34 976 762 445

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