[visionlist] eyeTrackR: An R Package for Eye-tracking Data

Godwin H. hayward.godwin at soton.ac.uk
Thu Dec 19 08:14:02 -04 2019

Dear Visionlisters,

For those of you who use Eyelink eye-trackers, this will hopefully be of interest…

I've released an R package called eyeTrackR that helps to organise eye-tracking data, avoid mistakes in data cleaning, and generally aims to make processing your data much easier.

It can be downloaded from CRAN, and there’s also a detailed guide with plenty of examples and a walkthrough available here: http://hjgodwin.github.io/eyeTrackR/

In addition, we have a chat channel where you can drop in and ask questions, discuss future plans, or talk about, well, anything related to eye-tracking data here: http://tiny.cc/hnouhz

Please let me know if you have any feedback, comments, or questions.

Hayward Godwin

Hayward J Godwin
Lecturer in Psychology
Centre for Perception and Cognition
University of Southampton

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