[visionlist] [Job] Research Fellow - Deep Learning for Target Re-Identification from Aerial Images (UAV)

Niki Martinel niki.martinel at uniud.it
Thu Mar 12 06:07:36 -04 2020

Job description:
Post-doc position in deep learning for computer vision.
AViReS lab, University of Udine, Italy
The laboratory of Artificial Vision and Real-Time Systems (AViReS) has an opening for a postdoctoral fellow to focus on person-identification deep-learning-based algorithms on images acquired by a network of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Person re-identification (Re-ID) is the task of associating a person acquired by disjoint cameras at different time instants. The problem has recently gained increasing attention due to its open challenges like changes in viewing angle, background clutter, and occlusions. The post-doc fellow will build upon the recent works by the group to propose novel methods aiming to perform the re-identification task from very different viewpoints.

Location: University of Udine
Department: Department of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics
Unit: Artificial Vision and Real-Time System Laboratory - University of Udine (UNIUD)
Position: Research Fellow
Scientific fields: Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Minimum Education Level: Ph.D.
Contact person: Dr. Niki Martinel, niki.martinel at uniud.it

We are looking for a highly-motivated, independent and skilled researcher with a PhD degree and related experience in machine vision, deep learning, artificial intelligence and/or computer science/engineering with interest in target tracking and person re-identification solutions. A background and track record of peer-reviewed conference/journal publications in computer vision are compulsory.
Experience with designing, managing and executing experiments is a mandatory requirement. The Research Fellow will contribute to the UAV image processing workflows and implement algorithms in relevant (open source) software and programming environments.
Relevant knowledge and at least 1 year of experience in developing solutions with Python is mandatory.
As the postdoctoral fellow will be working in an interdisciplinary team in international cooperation with universities, research organizations and companies, we expect a proactive and collaborative attitude and excellent communication skills both in presentations and writing.

Conditions of employment:
We offer a full-time scientific position for a total period of 1 year.
Competitive salary (please check the application link below for details). As the candidate will be selected, the contract will be immediately activated. We expect the candidate to join the group as soon as possible. The contract may be extended for 1(+) additional year(s).

University of Udine, Italy.
Within the Department of Mathematics, Computer  Science and Physics, the  Artificial Vision and Real-Time Systems (AViReS) lab carries out fundamental research on machine vision and artificial intelligence.
The lab has a large range of platforms and camera networks available as well as GPU clusters for deep learning.

March 17, 2020 - 2pm CET

Please follow the instructions at http://web.uniud.it/ateneo/normativa/albo_ufficiale/155-2020/DRN_97_2020_Notice%20of%20competition_.pdf

Niki Martinel
University of Udine
Department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics
Via Delle Scienze 206, 33100 Udine, Italy
niki.martinel at uniud.it

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