[visionlist] [cvnet] Trying to demonstrate stereoscopic vision remotely

Prof. Michael Bach michael.bach at uni-freiburg.de
Sun Mar 22 13:20:31 -04 2020

Dear Lester & All:

It might amuse you what I just experienced…

> For the demo, I wanted to use a random dot stereogram, to camouflage the image.…
Ah, I that what has he hidden there? And tried to free-fuse, both with parallel and crossed gaze. No dice! It gave headaches (within limits :) but no percept! Grrr…

Then I actually read his email to the full (which, I suppose, one should always do :), and found
> In order to make it work in a mirror, I had to mirror flip the right eye image.

Ha! Yes, of course… My bad.

Which gives me the possibility to add a tiny tidbit: I frequently read here “fusion by divergence” or words to that effect. Well, few, if anyone, can diverge their gaze. That’s why I used “parallel” above. By reducing picture size one can alway get the fusion pair into parallel or even slightly convergent. Probably known to you all…

Best, Michael
Prof. Michael Bach   <https://michaelbach.de>

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