[visionlist] StimuliApp: presenting stimuli on the iPhone and the iPad with precise timing

Dani Linares danilinares at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 10:22:50 -04 2020

Dear colleagues,

We have developed an open-source and free app to create psychophysical
tests on iOS and iPadOS devices.


Precise timing (frames are not dropped) due to the use of the Metal
framework, which provides direct access to the GPU of the device.

Easy interface, programming skills not required.

Predefined templates for the most common stimuli (gabors, random dots,
images, sounds and videos among others).

Option to run tests at 60 or 120 Hz depending on the device model.

Perfectly synchronized visual and auditory stimulation.

Interactive creation of stimuli using real-time preview.

Possibility of using different spatial and time units.

Gamma-correction features.

Exportable tests that can be shared with other devices.

Generation of results in .txt and .csv format, which can be sent by email.

We have already completed two projects using the app:

Linares, D., Marin-Campos, R., Dalmau, J., & Compte, A. (2018). Validation
of motion perception of briefly displayed images using a tablet. Scientific
reports, 8(1), 1-6. <https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-018-34466-9>

Linares, D., Amoretti, S., Marin-Campos, R., Sousa, A., Prades, L., Dalmau,
J., Bernardo, M.  & Compte, A. (2019). Perceptual spatial suppression and
sensitivity for motion are weakened in schizophrenia. bioRxiv, 799395.

You can find further information at:




Rafael Marin, Daniel Linares

Contact: marinraf at gmail.com
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