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Dear Colleagues, 


On behalf of the Journal of Eye Movement Research, it is my pleasure to
announce that Part 1 of the Special Thematic Issue on
<https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/issue/view/823> “Microsaccades: Empirical
Research and Methodological Advances” is now complete, comprising 14
articles by research teams around the world. Contributions include the
characterization of fixational eye movements and saccadic intrusions in
neurological impairments and in visual disease, methodological developments
in microsaccade detection, the measurement of fixational eye movements in
applied and ecological scenarios, and advances in the current understanding
of the relationship between microsaccades and cognition. 

We invite you to read the Table of Contents below, and download articles of

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.1> Microsaccades:
Empirical Research and Methodological Advances - Introduction to Part 1 of
the Thematic Special Issue Susana Martinez-Conde, Ralf Engbert, Rudolf
*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR_12.6.2> Microsaccades
distinguish looking from seeing Eva Krueger, Andrea Schneider, Ben Sawyer,
Alain Chavaillaz, Andreas Sonderegger, Rudolf Groner, Peter Hancock

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR_12.6.2/7844> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4334-Dalmaso-final-sub>
Anticipation of cognitive conflict is reflected in microsaccades: Evidence
from a cued-flanker task Mario Dalmaso, Luigi Castelli, Giovanni Galfano

<https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4334-Dalmaso-final-sub/7420> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4345-Chaudhary-final-sub>
Motion tracking of iris features to detect small eye movements Aayush K.
Chaudhary, Jeff B. Pelz

<https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4345-Chaudhary-final-sub/7751> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.5> VisME: Visual
microsaccades explorer Tanja Munz, Lewis L. Chuang, Sebastian Pannasch,
Daniel Weiskopf

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.5/8352> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4340-Ryanetal-Article.pdf>
Microsaccades and covert attention: Evidence from a continuous, divided
attention task Aimee Elizabeth Ryan, Brendan Keane, Guy Wallis

<https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4340-Ryanetal-Article.pdf/7833> PDF

Microsaccades reflect the dynamics of misdirected attention in magic Anthony
S. Barnhart, Francisco M. Costela, Susana Martinez-Conde, Stephen L.
Macknik, Stephen D. Goldinger


*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.8> Saccadic
intrusions in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Wolfgang Becker, Martin
Gorges, Dorothée Lulé, Elmar Pinkhardt, Albert Christian Ludolph, Jan

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.8/8211> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4335-Kang_et_al.>
Fixational eye movement waveforms in amblyopia: Characteristics of fast and
slow eye movements Sarah Linda Kang, Sinem B. Beylergil, Jorge Otero-Millan,
Aasef Shaikh, Fatema Ghasia

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4335-Kang_et_al./7869> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4369-Tangetal-Article.pdf>
Effects of visual blur on microsaccades during visual exploration Sherry
Tang, Peggy Skelly, Jorge Otero-Millan, Jonathan Jacobs, Jordan Murray,
Aasef G. Shaikh, Fatema F. Ghasia

<https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/4369-Tangetal-Article.pdf/7893> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.11> Reliability
and correlates of intra-individual variability in the oculomotor system
Marlou Nadine Perquin, Aline Bompas

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.11/8130> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.12> Can
microsaccade rate predict drug response? Tom Stafford, Paul G. Overton,
Elliot Hampsey

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.12/8132> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.13> What makes a
microsaccade? A review of 70 years research prompts a new detection method
Anna-Katharina Hauperich, Laura K. Young, Hannah E. Smithson

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.13/9579> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.14> Microsaccade
generation requires a foveal anchor Jorge Otero-Millan, Rachel E Langston,
Francisco Costela, Stephen L Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.14/9795> PDF

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.15> Microsaccades
in applied environments: Real-world applications of fixational eye movement
measurements Robert G Alexander, Stephen L Macknik, Susana Martinez-Conde

*	 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/article/view/JEMR.12.6.15/9706> PDF

 <https://bop.unibe.ch/JEMR/issue/view/1063> Part 2 of the Special Thematic
Issue is already in progress and articles there will be published
immediately after acceptance.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes,

Susana Martinez Conde, Ralf Engbert, & Rudolf Groner, editors of the Special
Thematic Issue



Susana Martinez-Conde, PhD

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