[visionlist] Scientists from under-represented groups

Stephen Engel engel at umn.edu
Wed Jul 8 11:16:41 -04 2020

Dear Vision Science Community,

Here is a google document containing a list of Black researchers and 
engineers in perception, that a few of us put together in response from 
requests from students, and with help from members of this mailing list 
(thanks!). It is a partial list intended to help further diversify 
representation in classroom instruction, specifically Intro to Sensation 
and Perception, and is a mix of historical and currently active figures.

Many caveats apply:  Black researchers and engineers are emphasized in 
this document over other under-represented and otherwise challenged 
groups, in part because of the current moment. And there are many other 
things we can and should be doing to increase diversity and justice in 
the classroom (e.g. discussing diversity of samples and sources of bias 
in science, the role different environments play in shaping perception, 
et al.), in the field, and in the world.


Please email me with comments, corrections and/or additions.


Steve Engel
University of Minnesota

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