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Francis, Gregory S gfrancis at purdue.edu
Wed Aug 12 16:12:19 -04 2020

It is with great sadness that I report the death of my former student Jihyun (Jiji) Kim. Jiji graduated with a PhD in cognitive psychology from Purdue in 2013. She died on August 7 after a climbing accident at the Wind River range in Idaho. Apparently she slipped on a rock and fell down a very steep incline; she hit her head multiple times along the way. Although she was air lifted to a local hospital, there was no treatment for the damage.

Since her graduation Jiji had several postdoctoral positions (Paris, Barcelona, NASA Ames, and the National Eye Institute). She was an excellent scientist and a great colleague. I will miss her scientific insights and her infectious smile. In addition to her expertise in neural network modeling and visual psychophysics, Jiji was an avid photographer and artist. You can see some of her work at


Greg Francis

Professor of Psychological Sciences
Purdue University

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